Scale Charts

                        Whole step blow bend
                        Half step blow bend
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10      
                        Half step draw bend
                        Whole step draw bend
                        Step and a half draw bend




Really helpful! Saving zillions of neurons with this tool!

very nice

Great site, your explanations are thougtful and quite easy to understand.
What do the different colors about the notes indicate? Some are white, some tan and a few green.

Many thanks for the feedback.
Any notes highlighted with a colour are part of the selected scale: tan notes do not require any bending, whereas the yellow notes do require bending. Any notes that are not highlighted (i.e. white) are not part of the selected scale.
Hope this helps.

well I have to say I have searched the web a lot an seen lots of website on harmonica but this is the best website for harmonica
easy to read and suffice amount of information on every topic
so you can definitely be sure that if you die you managed to teach a lot of people about harmonica.
but just one thing: do you have any cool blues or country harmonica tabs either by your self or any famous harmonica players you could put on your site ???
because almost no website provides any tabs unless you pay them... :D

Thanks for the feedback :-)
Unfortunately I do not have any harmonica tabs that I can post freely on this site, as I only tend to use the self-same ones for which one has to pay; and I would not be able to post those onlien without seeking permission or violating copyright.
Of course, if I ever start writing tabs of my own, I will be sure to create a section for them here.

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